The Reserve Bank of India on Friday said the country's foreign exchange reserves rose to a record high of $367.76 billion (more than Rs 9,000 crore) after core currency assets grew significantly. PTI reported that the reserves rose by $989.5 million, after receding slightly by $392.6 million last week to $366.77 billion.

The last high forex ranking was $367.16 billion (Rs 9,021 crore). The bank said foreign currency assets, which comprise a major chunk of the reserves, rose by $952.2 million to $342.23 billion during the week that ended on September 2. The foreign currency assets, always measured in US dollars, incorporate the influence of other currencies including the euro, pound and yen held in the reserves.

Gold reserves increased by $58.1 million to $ 21.64 billion at the end of the same recorded week. The bank said India's special rights with the International Monetary Fund shrunk by $8 million, bringing it to $1.48 billion and the country's reserve ranking with the IMF fell by $12.8 million to $2.39 billion.