A Mumbai resident apparently wants to know if the Indian government is well prepared in case of a zombie apocalypse. His Right to Information query goes on to ask if an invasion by “Alien Zombies” and “Extra Dimensional Beings” can be handled without them involving Hollywood actor Will Smith. In Men in Black, Smith fights and wins against a group of aliens. A supposed copy of the man's RTI query went viral on social media on Tuesday after a journalist, Abhimanyu Ghoshal, tweeted it.

Ajay Kumar’s RTI query further says, “Can the Ministry of Home Affairs tell me. What are our chances against them? What means does the Government have at its disposal to defeat them?” In its reply, which was also posted in the tweet, the RTI office said, “ It is observed that in the application you [Ajay Kumar] have not sought any specific information that is available in the Ministry of Home Affairs. You have raised questions/queries on some hypothetical situations and sought the view/legal opinion of the ministry on the issue.” It also said the information sought does not fall under the purview of the RTI Act.

People have submitted bizarre RTI queries in the past as well, according to The Indian Express. Some of them include questions on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi "had acted in Ramlila" and what his phone number is; others have asked after Mahatma Gandhi’s IQ and one angry applicant even wanted to know why ladoos she had sent to former US President George Bush on raksha bandhan did not reach him.