A pigeon has been biding its time in police custody in Pathankot, Punjab, since October 1, when it was caught with an Urdu note attached to its leg, The Indian Express reported. Border Security Force handed it over to the police after they noticed the message: “Modi Ji we are not the same as were in 71 — Jaish-e-Mohammad”.

The English daily quoted Inspector Dalip Kumar as saying, “We have mentioned in the daily duty register that this pigeon was caught by the BSF and a message in Urdu was found attached to its feet.” Kumar has been put in charge of the bird’s care at the Bamian police station. A cage worth Rs 300 has been bought and it is being fed a diet of bajra and water, the report added.

The bird was taken 35 km by bus to a veterinary hospital in Gurdaspur on Friday and scanned in case “a SIM card or other material” was hidden inside it. Kuldeep Singh, DSP Pathankot (Rural), said, “Everyone in the bus was interested in him. The pigeon has become famous. So far we have no plans to release it till the investigation is complete.”

India has claimed that JeM militants attacked the Pathankot airbase in January. The Pathankot attacks, along with the Uri attacks on September, have led to increased tension between India and Pakistan. Security forces have been on high alert ever since.