Abdul Razak, brother of jailed beedi tycoon Muhammad Nisham, has filed a complaint with the Kerala Police after Nisham allegedly made a threatening phone call to him. Razak in his complaint said that his brother has access to a mobile phone in prison, and uses it to make calls to his wife, business associates and others, PTI reported. He has said his life is in danger.

Nisham was convicted of murder after beating a security guard and ramming his Hummer vehicle into the man. He is lodged in Kannur central jail, where he is serving a 24-year sentence. Razak’s complaint adds that his brother has been given special treatment in the prison.

Kerala’s Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said it was a matter of concern that the beedi tycoon was allowed such items in prison. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in a Facebook post said he has asked the jail superintendent to ensure that Nisham was not given any special treatment.

The beedi tycoon was reported to have killed 50-year-old security guard Chandrabose in January 2015 after being angered by a delay in his opening the gates of the apartment complex Nisham lived in.