Former governor of Arunachal Pradesh Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa on Tuesday alleged that Kalikho Pul, the state's former chief minister who allegedly committed suicide in August, had left behind "secret notes" in his Itanagar home. Rajkhowa told The Indian Express that the contents of the 60 pages could cause "tremors in Indian politics", even though he admitted he had not seen the notes himself.

"Before his death, Pul had written one long note, a series of notes with the title Mere Vichar [my thoughts] in about 60 pages," Rajkhowa said. "...Many people had the opportunity to scan the pages before they were seized by the police. And those pages reveal so many things that if they come out, there will be tremors in Indian politics."

The ex-governor, however, does not know whether the notes are still with the police or if they were handed over to the court concerned. "I am told it [the notes] has been circulating on social media that he gave comments about all kinds of corruption…he mentioned how certain politicians, whose fathers and forefathers did not have good financial backgrounds, became crorepatis," said Rajkhowa, who was removed from the post of governor on September 12.

Moreover, Rajkhowa has been seeking a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry into Pul's death. "I was told that some sub-inspector was investigating the case...The minimum should have been an investigation by an superintendent of police of deputy commissioner of police," he said. Current Chief Minister Pema Khandu later ordered that the case be looked into by an inspector general.

Arunachal Pradesh Director General of Police S Nithianandan said the police have not yet examined the 60 pages and that they had been handed over to the magistrate. "The mandate given to us was a limited one – to know the nature of Pul's death. We don't know whether those pages are general notes or suicide notes. I have not read them," he said, adding that they will file an investigation report in the case soon.

Pul was found hanging in his room a less than a month after the Supreme Court restored the Congress government in Arunachal Pradesh, reinstating Nabam Tuki's leadership and removing dissident Congress leader Kalikho Pul from the post. Pul was sworn in as the chief minister on February 20 after proving his majority in the Assembly. The state had been under President's Rule for a few weeks until then.