The Hindu Sena group on Friday hosted an event at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar to celebrate United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's "victory" days before America votes for a new president on November 8. The group praised the controversial candidate and supported his proposal to restrict the entry of Muslim immigrants into the country.

Members of the fringe group beat drums and addressed mediapersons declaring that Trump had "already won" the presidential elections. The group's leader, Vishnu Gupta, said, "Trump's victory is confirmed early, due to his thoughts against Islamic terrorism and love for India and Hindus." The members waved posters that said, "India Loves Trump" and "Trump Our Only Hope". One member even carried a portrait of the Republican with a tilak or religious mark, used by Hindus, on his forehead.

On June 14, the Hindu Sena had celebrated Trump's birthday with a religious ceremony, The Indian Express reported. The group has consistently supported Trump through various events over the past few months. (picture above).

Trump addressed a gathering of Hindu-Americans in New Jersey on October 15, where he made the now-famous declaration of "I love Hindu". The event, organised by the Republican Hindu Coalition, was the candidate's first address to an ethnic community in an individual event. A video showing Trump saying, "Ab ki baar, Trump Sarkar" surfaced in October. It was aimed at reaching out to the "Hindu and Indian community" in America.

The number of Indian Americans is pegged at around three million. Most of the Indian American community – nearly 65% – supports the Democratic Party, while 18% favour Republicans, according to a 2014 Pew survey.