The results of at least three separate polls released on Monday showed United States Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton holding a four-point lead on her Republican rival Donald Trump, a day ahead of general voting in the country. The polls conducted by CBS News, Fox News and ABC News/The Washington Post showed Clinton leading 45%-41%, 48%-44% and 47%-43%.

Trump, however, led Clinton among white voters, according to all three surveys. He also held a significant lead over his opponent among white voters who do not hold a college degree, according to CBS News and Fox News, which found the businessman holding a five-point lead among men, as well.

A majority of women voters favoured the former secretary of state, and she also led among black voters – who have typically supported her Democratic Party – and Hispanic voters, the surveys found. Meanwhile, 13% of young voters polled by CBS News said they would vote for either Green Party candidate Jill Stein or Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

The Democratic and Republican nominees also reiterated their policy plans in op-eds written for USA Today as part of their final pitch to voters. While Trump said he would help "fix a rigged" political system and implement a pro-growth plan to "create 25 million good paying jobs", Clinton said her presidency would include "putting forward the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II", as well as "comprehensive immigration reform legislation".

The pre-election day polls also come after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation on Sunday said Clinton was not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing with regard to using a private email server during her term as secretary of state. FBI Director James Comey said they had not changed their conclusion on Clinton, referring to their giving her a clean chit in July, as well.

The US presidential elections on November 8 will also mark the end of a long campaign marred by personal attacks and accusations of criminal activity and sexual assault. While Trump has accused his rival of misusing her official status, he has faced allegations of misogyny, racism, Islamophobia and threatening to commit war crimes.