Two people were killed in a shooting in California's Azusa on Wednesday, Los Angeles Times reported. Authorities ordered the shutdown of two schools and two polling sites in the vicinity for the rest of the day, said The New York Times. Officials dismissed speculation that the shooting was connected with the United States presidential election, which was won by Republican Donald Trump.

The shooter, whom officials described as a "gun fanatic", killed a 77-year-old man and injured two women. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s John Corina told The Seattle Times that the shooter was a 45-year-old on a "cocaine binge". He was shot down by the police at the entrance of his home. Officials said his cocaine addiction forced his wife and two children to leave him on November 7.

The injured women, aged 65 and 59, are undergoing treatment at a local hospital and are in a critical condition, Corina said. He added, "With something like this there are a lot of rumours flying around and a lot of misinformation going out."