The biggest, brightest supermoon since 1948 lit up skies across the globe on Monday night. Described as “undeniably beautiful” by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual on Monday as it was the closest it has been to the Earth in 68 years.

The supermoon – scientifically called perigee-syzygy – also created the optical illusion of a ”low-hanging moon” effect, which made it’s size comparable to those of earthy objects such as houses and monuments. The sight was even more spectacular from countries closer to the equator. The next such phenomenon will occur on November 25, 2034.

Take a look at some photographs of the supermoon from around the world:

India's national emblem silhouetted in front of the supermoon in New Delhi, India. (Photo: Reuters/Adnan Abidi)
The supermoon rises above houses and trees in Prague, Czech Republic. (Photo: Reuters/David W Cerny)
The supermoon in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo: Reuters/Umit Bektas)
The supermoon is seen in the backdrop of a statue of Jesus Christ in Havana, Cuba. (Photo: Reuters/Enrique de la Osa)
Clouds shroud the supermoon above La Compañía de Jesus Church in the historical center of Quito, Ecuador. (Photo: AFP/Rodrigo Buendia)
Trees silhouetted before the supermoon in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Photo: Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili)
The supermoon shrouded behind clouds above a basilica in Rome, Italy. (Photo: Reuters/Tony Gentile)
The skyline of Kansas City, Missouri, USA, alongside the supermoon. (Photo: Reuters/Dave Kaup)
The supermoon seen above Table Bay Harbour in Cape Town, South Africa. (Photo: AFP/Rodger Bosch)
The statue of Greek god Poseidon appears to hold the supermoon in Ancient Corinth, Greece. (Photo: AFP/Valerie Gache)