Residents of Gurugram’s Sohna hacked a leopard to death after it strayed into the village, officials told PTI on Thursday. The region’s wildlife conservator, Rambir Singh, said a mob of nearly 1,500 people attacked the animal with axes, bamboo sticks and stones after it was spotted in Mandawar village on Thursday morning. Nine people were injured in the incident, which involved people from neighbouring villages, as well, the news agency reported.

A villager, Dhani Ram, said the local forest department and Gurugram Police reached the village late, even though they were informed immediately after the feline was spotted. Singh, however, argued that a team comprising a district forest officer, three inspectors and veterinary doctors had reached the spot with equipment to trap the leopard within half an hour of the call.

“We faced difficulty when an aggressive mob started attacking the leopard,” the wildlife conservator said, adding that action would be taken against those responsible for the big cat’s death. The villagers had alleged that the authorities were not equipped to deal with the wild animals straying into human habitations, Hindustan Times reported. Singh said the incident was caught on camera and had been reported to the police commissioner of Gurugram.