Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday said missile frigate INS Betwa may have tipped over because of a “miscalculation of balance”. He explained that the balance of the ship is affected during a refit as a lot of machines and fixtures, such as the engine and propeller, are removed. “You are supposed to maintain it [balance]. Something must have gone wrong in that,” the Union minister said during an event in Delhi, PTI reported.

Two sailors were killed after the warship tipped over at the Mumbai dockyard on Monday while it was being returned to water from a refit. The 3,850-tonne, 126-m frigate had been brought ashore for repairs.

The mast of the ship was snipped and the outer surface has suffered major damage. The nature and extent of the damage to INS Betwa will be assessed by experts. Officials said it may take around two years to repair the ship and make it battle-ready again, which will cost the Indian Navy a few crores.