A day after a group calling itself Legion claimed on Twitter to have accessed fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya’s email account, the same outfit claimed to have hacked journalist Barkha Dutt’s Twitter account on Saturday. A message posted by the group through Dutt’s Twitter account claimed that it had also accessed the journalist’s email account and would make her private messages public.

Soon after taking over Dutt’s account, the same group also hacked journalist Ravish Kumar’s account. The group warned that former Indian Premier League Chairman Lalit Modi’s account would be breached next. “Coming up next -@LalitKModi leaks. Stay tuned,” they said.

On November 30, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was hacked and started sending out explicit tweets in which Gandhi appeared to deride himself and his family. While the tweets were deleted soon after they went up, Twitter users took screenshots to save the moments for posterity.

Corrections and Clarifications: This story has been edited to remove an old tweet suggesting that Dutt had regained control of her account.