Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said demonestisation was a “Modi-made disaster” that will benefit only 50 families who are the prime minister’s friends, reported ANI. “Like you say man-made disaster in English, the same way demonetisation is Modi-made disaster,” said Gandhi.

The Congress scion, who was addressing a rally in Karnataka’s Belgaum, accused Modi of mocking farmers in Parliament. “PM Modi made fun of farmers in Parliament house by saying they dig holes. Then he made fun of MNREGA, which is like a lifeline for farmers.” The Congress vice president said none of the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders had two minutes time to stand in silence for the 100 people who have died ever since Modi announced the demonetisation decision on November 8. “Who is responsible for their deaths? Narendra Modi is responsible,” he added.

Gandhi said the prime minister was constantly shifting the goalpost for the demonetisation move, reported IANS. “First, he said it would fight black money, but almost all the money has returned to the banks. Then he said it would curb terrorism, but new Rs 2,000 notes were found on a dead terrorist. The objective of curbing fake currency is also hollow as there is just two per cent fake currency,” he added.

The Congress scion also raised the topic of Vijay Mallya’s loan waiver. “I want to ask the PM that if Vijay Mallya is a thief, why did the government waive off his Rs 1,200 crore loan?” Gandhi said Modi’s intention was to “extort money from the poor to give it to the rich.”