The American embassy in Turkey’s Ankara suspended operations on Tuesday after a shooting incident was reported in its vicinity following the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in the country’s capital on Monday. A statement issued by the embassy said the consulates in Istanbul and Adana would also remain closed on Tuesday.

Local media reports said the accused, Sahin S, fired shots in the air before he was taken into custody. He was reportedly heard shouting “don’t play with us” when he was apprehended, The International Business Times reported.

The US state department warned its citizens against visiting the embassy area. The embassy’s location is very close to the art gallery where the Russian diplomat was gunned down by a Turkish police officer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the assassination was a “provocation aimed at rupturing ties between Russia and Turkey”, while Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the two countries have agreed to increased cooperation in the fight against terrorism, Reuters reported.

On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry offered his country’s assistance to Russia and Turkey as “they investigate this despicable attack”.