A 23-year-old software engineer was stabbed to death in Pune’s Talawade area on Friday night, approximately 500 metres from her office, The Times of India reported on Sunday. Police have not yet identified the attacker who reportedly hit Antara Das on the head and neck after a heated argument with her, according to a witness.

The witness, a motorcyclist, said Das was attacked at around 8.35 pm when she was walking down a footpath. She was taken to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival by doctors. The witness told police officers that the attacker was wearing a t-shirt with black and blue stripes. The officers later said that while the software professional usually took a bus home, she was walking to a friend’s home near the office when she was attacked.

This is the fifth reported case of a female software engineer being killed in Pune. Her uncle said a man had been stalking her “ever since she shifted to Pune from Bengaluru in April this year”. “This youth may have had a role in the attack,” Panchanan Das said, according to The Telegraph. Das said his niece was planning to shift to another residence because of her stalker.