A boat carrying around 45 people, including a football team of Uganda, capsized in Lake Albert on Monday. At least 30 of those on board the vessel, which included fans of the team, are feared to have drowned, police said, according to BBC. So far, 15 people have been rescued, while nine deaths have been confirmed.

Police commander John Rutagira told AFP that the boat capsized while there was a party on board. “The passengers were dancing and others were drunk. The boat was overloaded with 45 people, all members of the football team and local fans,” he said. “The water was calm, but the problem arose when the merrymaking team and fans tilted on one side of the boat...It capsized killing about 30 people.”

The football team and others aboard from Buliisa district were on their way to a Christmas Day match in Hoima District. Rescue workers had help from local fishermen in their operation.

This was the second major mishap in Uganda’s lakes in the past three days. Around 20 people died on Friday after a boat capsized in Lake Victoria.