Esteban Santiago, an Iraq war veteran who was held on Saturday for a shooting rampage at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale International Airport, told investigators that he had planned the attack. He had bought a one-way ticket to the Florida, reported Reuters. Five people were shot dead and eight injured in the attack at the airport on Friday. Santiago had opened fire with his handgun, which he had declared, in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2.

“Indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack,” Federal Bureau of Investigation agent George Piro told AP. However it is unclear why he chose this target, Piro said, adding that the terrorism angle had not been ruled out. Flight operations at the airport resumed later on Saturday, but the terminal where the incident took place remained closed.

Santiago also had several run-ins with law enforcement in the last year, AP reported. In January 2016, an arrest warrant was issued against him for criminal mischief. He was arrested a month after that as he was found at an address he was restricted from going to. In October, domestic violence charges and allegations of strangulation were reported against him.

In November, Santiago had walked into the FBI office in Alaska saying he was hearing voices in his head that asked him to join the Islamic State group. Santiago was hospitalised and underwent a mental health evaluation. However, he was let go within four days, Santiago’s brother Bryan told CNN. “How are you going to let someone leave a psychological centre after four days when he is saying that he is hearing voices?” Bryan asked. At the time, officials had also seized a handgun from his car, but in December, the gun was returned to him. Officials have not confirmed if it was the same gun that was used in the attack on Friday.

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday had said that he was “monitoring the terrible situation in Florida.” “Thoughts and prayers for all. Stay safe!” he tweeted. About 30 km north of Miami, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is the second largest one in South Florida.