The Iraq parliament on Monday passed a “reciprocity measure” to counter United States President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions on people from seven Muslim-dominated countries, AP reported. Iraq and Iran had earlier said they would consider ways to respond to the curbs. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, has dismissed demands to cancel Trump’s visit to the country over his controversial ban, BBC reported.

Legislators Kamil al-Ghrairi and Mohammed Saadoun confirmed the decision, but did not specify if the ban was applicable for US military personnel and entrepreneurs, AP reported. They also did not clarify if it would hamper operations against the Islamic State group.

In the UK, a petition opposing the US president’s visit has secured 9 lakh signatures – only 1 lakh petitioners are needed to merit a discussion of the matter in Parliament, BBC reported. Trump’s imminent visit to the United Kingdom had been announced during Britain Prime Minister Theresa May’s trip to Washington.

Besides Iran and Iraq, Trump’s executive order signed on Friday applies to citizens of Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas,” Trump had said while announcing the move on Friday.

The new order immediately halts a US programme that allows for the relocation of people displaced by war, political oppression, hunger and religious prejudice to the United States. The 2016 initiative had benefited around 85,000 people that year and was expanded by the Barack Obama administration to include 1,10,000 refugees in 2017. Exceptions during the freeze may be made on a case-to-case basis, officials said.