Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s third film Sexy Durga has won the Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film was picked by an international jury from eight films selected for the Hivos Tiger Competition. The film will receive € 40,000 (around Rs 28.9 lakh) as prize money to be shared by the director and the producer. The 85-minute horror-thriller movie is about a couple who hitch a ride with two men late at night in a small town in Kerala.

The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The filmmaker, 37, deals with masculinity, violence, and the fear of the outsider in the film. “I wanted to put a woman on a road ruled totally by men. The roads after midnight take another character,” Sasidharan had told He had said that he did not have a script or a story when he started shooting for the film. “All we knew was that we had to depict a certain incident,” he said. The film was shot in 20 days.