Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin on Friday appeared to mock United States President Donald Trump when she put up a picture of herself signing a legislation, surrounded by an all-women team. Trump had earlier signed an order barring NGOs from receiving US funding if they supported abortions or distributed information on such medical procedures. Trump was surrounded by men when he had signed the order, and the picture had gone viral.

Social media users lauded Lövin’s picture on Friday. A Swedish government spokesperson told Buzzfeed News, “I would ask everyone to make their own interpretation” of the image. Sweden calls itself the “first feminist government in the world”. “This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation.”

Lövin signed a legislation that requires Sweden to end greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. She said Sweden wanted to set an example for the world at a time when “climate sceptics [are] really gaining power in the world again”. Lövin also urged countries in the European Union to take the helm in managing climate change, now that “the US is not there anymore to lead”.

Trump has vociferously criticised scientists supporting climate change theories, to the extent of denying it exists, and has threatened to back out of the Paris Climate Change pact.