Inspired by United States President Donald Trump and his ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, a new organisation in Uttar Pradesh – the Trump Sena – has vowed to stop the alleged migration of Hindus from the western regions of the state. The new youth outfit, which has endorsed the Bharatiya Janata Party, said it would “end atrocities being committed on Hindus in Western UP”, The Indian Express reported on Saturday.

“We are inspired by what US President Donald Trump is doing,” volunteers from the organisation said. “We understand [BJP candidate for Dhaulana] Dr Ramesh Chand Tomar’s concerns on how demography of Assembly segments in Western UP are being systematically changed to suppress Hindu community,” they said, adding that they would protect anyone from the Hindu community who was threatened to leave the region.

“When Hindus are being threatened, we have all the right to stand up for them,” the Trump Sena said. The organisation will also start a campaign against “love jihad”, its volunteers said.

Their remarks came just five days after BJP MP Yogi Adityanath lauded Trump’s immigration ban. “Similar action is needed to contain terror activities in this country,” he had said at a rally in Bulandshahr. Adityanath also praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2013 decision to not grant special rights to any minority community.