The Centre has reportedly suspended its plans to consider a proposal for a wall along India’s border with Pakistan in Jammu, The Hindu reported on Saturday. An official told the daily that the government would prioritise “technological solutions” including a “smart fence” that has sensors to track infiltrations.

In 2015, Pakistan had written to the United Nations Security Council against the proposal and accused India of trying to convert a “working boundary” into a “quasi international boundary”. The Indian Army had also opposed the proposed wall on the grounds that it would hinder its military operations.

The United Progressive Alliance had proposed raising an embankment along 179 kilometres of the International Border in Jammu after the twin attacks in the Hiranagar/Samba sector in 2013. The official said the proposed embankment was not making any headway, The Hindu reported. “There were multiple issues. Unlike the Line of Control, the IB is densely populated and has fertile agrarian land. Not many people were willing to let go of their land. We could hardly acquire 25% of the land,” the official told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry is reportedly working on a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System for round-the-clock monitoring.