The United States Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday released two memos detailing it plans for security along the country’s border with Mexico as well as more aggressive deportation rules for undocumented immigrants. The new rules will allow officials to detain and possibly deport illegal immigrants convicted for or even merely suspected of committing minor offences such as breaking a traffic rule.

The memos also expand the number of immigrants that are on the deportation list, and curb these migrants’ claims for asylum, The Guardian reported. The memos list plans to hire thousands of additional federal agents and many more immigration judges, and asks local law enforcement agencies to speed up arrests.

However, President Donald Trump is likely to go easier on children who were brought into the country illegally by their parents, a category called “dreamers”. Protection was granted to these children in 2012 by President Barack Obama through an executive order. This will likely be retained, Reuters reported.

Many of the new regulations will need approval from the Congress before they can be executed, officials said. Mexico also objected to several provisions – including one that says border-crossers will have to go back to Mexico while they await their decision.

Action against illegal immigrants was one of Trump’s major electoral promises. His supporters have lauded this approach while making claims to national security and violent crime. However, thousands of others have criticised the plans, even unfurling a banner at the base of the statue of liberty that says “Refugees Welcome”.