A seven-year-old student in Delhi’s Moti Nagar has complained that two of her senior schoolmates drugged, abused and sexually assaulted her on the school’s terrace on several occasions, India Today reported on Monday. Officials said a 19-year-old Class 9 student has been arrested while the second accused, a 15-year-old girl, is yet to be apprehended.

Police are investigating if other girls were sexually abused by the accused. Officials told the publication that an addiction to pornography may have led the accused to commit the crime. The complainant’s uncle accused the school administration and the principal of helping one of the attackers flee.

Speaking to the publication, the seven-year-old’s uncle said, “For the past few weeks, she used to go to bed without eating. When she woke up in the evenings, she often used to vomit and complain about stomach ache.” He said she eventually told her aunt about the abuse.

They abused her and threatened her with dire consequences if she revealed it to anybody,” her statement reportedly said.

Delhi’s Special Commissioner of Police Deependra Pathak said the survivor is undergoing counselling. He said his department would start conducting sexual abuse awareness sessions in schools soon. The girl’s uncle said her parents, both visually-impaired, had moved into his home for better work opportunities.