At least four people have died and around four million have been left without water after rainstorms and landslides hit Chile over the weekend, AFP reported. A total of 19 people have been reported missing, officials said. Aguas Andinas, the company that provides water to the nation’s capital of Santiago, said its water supply had been affected and that the unusual rainfall was making repairs difficult.

Officials said the contamination of rivers in the region has forced authorities to order restaurants and businesses to remain closed and delay the start of the new school term, AFP reported. At least 3,300 people have been cut off because of the floods. Many are relying on bottled water and state-run emergency taps.

Regional governor of Santiago, Claudio Orrego, said “We are talking about 1.45 million homes that are going to be affected by the cutting off of the water supply, which will be total or partial in 30 districts. We cannot guarantee resumption of the service until the River Maipo clears up.”

On Twitter, President Michelle Bachelet (pictured above) said emergency teams were working on the ground to connect with isolated persons and re-establish the water supply wherever possible .”

Mining corporations Antofagasta, state-owned Codelco and others said copper mining production had not been affected by the floods, Reuters reported.

In April last year, one person was killed and production at copper mining facilities were affected.