The price of non-subsidised LPG was raised by Rs 86 per cylinder on Wednesday – the steepest such hike ever in India – “in line with the rise in global LPG product prices”. This brings the cost of cooking gas for those who gave up their subsidies or exhausted the annual quota of 12 subsidised cylinders to Rs 737.50, PTI reported.

Subsidised LPG cylinders also saw a price hike, although a marginal 13-paise one. They will now cost Rs 434.93 per 14.2-kg cylinder. It was raised by 9 paise on February 1, following a Rs-2 hike in January.

This is the sixth time that the cost of non-subsidised LPG was increased since October 2016, which is a 58% price hike. Each cylinder cost Rs 466.50 in Delhi in September last year. The price of subsidised cooking gas saw the tenth such consecutive hike.

The cost of aviation turbine fuel, too, was raised by Rs 214 per kilolitre to Rs 54,293.38 per kilolitre. It was increased by 3% on February 1.

Oil firms revise the rates of cooking gas and jet fuel on the 1st of every month on the basis of the price of oil and the previous month’s foreign exchange rate.