A 27-year-old woman was arrested on Thursday night from Mumbai’s Sahar airport terminal 2 after she tried to prank the airport officials by saying her friend’s bag had a bomb inside, The Times of India reported. Kanchan Thakur, a model by profession, was later released on bail.

Around 8 pm on Thursday, Thakur and her three friends had queued up at the boarding gate for Air India’s Delhi-bound flight 101. After her turn at the security clearance, she reportedly asked the security guard to check her friend’s bag because it had a bomb inside. Panic struck before Thakur realised that her prank had gone terribly wrong.

Central Industrial Security Force and airport officials were called in and the baggage of all four ladies were offloaded. The flight took off an hour late at 10 pm without them. Thakur tried reasoning with the officials saying she was joking when she made the bomb comment. However, when the officials refused to listen to her, she got into an argument with them.

Thakur claimed when “real terrorists” walk into an aircraft, the officials did nothing, but when she was just joking, “they had turned it into such a big thing”, an unidentified police official told TOI. The police have said they did not want to let off Thakur and her friends lightly, as they wanted to teach them a lesson for creating panic at the airport. All four of them were taken to Sahar police station where a complaint was filed against them.