Dinosaur tracks have been discovered in China’s Jilin province, scientists have announced according to Xinhua News Agency. The tracks include footprints of various sizes on a rural mountain road in Longjing City in northeast China. However, they have not mentioned how old the tracks are.

The tracks were actually found in August 2015, but have been confirmed as being dinosaur prints only now. The researchers who confirmed it include scientists from China, the Republic of Korea and the United States.

The tracks, which are 55 cm long, are believed to be of Hadrosaurs’. “The trackmaker’s body could have reached 7 metres long,” Xing Lida, a professor at China University of Geosciences, told Xinhua.

Several other footprints measuring between 21 cm to 43 cm were also discovered, Xing added. Millions of years ago, the area could have been a shallow lake where dinosaurs searched for food, Xing told Beijing Youth Daily.

This discovery will help scientists to find out more about the region during the Cretaceous period.