New Zealand police on Friday shot down a 10-month-old security dog at the Auckland Airport after he ran loose for more than three hours on the tarmac and delayed 16 flights. Security personnel have drawn massive criticism for opting to kill the pup, Grizz, instead of tranquilising him, AP reported.

Airport security staff had taken various measures to get Grizz off the tarmac, Police Inspector Tracy Philips said. “This is not an outcome which anyone wanted,” he said.

The 10-month-old puppy was a cross between a bearded collie and German short-haired pointer. He had escaped from his handler and run amok through an open security gate, Radio New Zealand reported. Staffers tried to lure Grizz with food, toys and other dogs, the radio station reported.

An investigation has been ordered into the incident to find out what provoked the dog to run loose. The report did not confirm the use of any tranquiliser to catch the dog.