A British Airways plane had to make an emergency landing on Sunday at the Indira Gandhi International Airport after there was a chaos on board when passengers saw smoke near the aircraft’s pantry area, DNA reported. The flight, which had departed from London on Saturday and arrived in Delhi on Sunday, made a safe landing and no injuries were reported.

Passengers spotted dense smoke near the pantry area on flight BA143 and alerted the crew thinking the plane was on fire. When the pilots were informed of the situation, they requested the air traffic control for priority landing.

Fire tenders and ambulances were made available to handle the situation while the plane made the landing. After the passengers left the aircraft, it was revealed that a piece of food had burned inside an oven in the pantry and that caused all the smoke.

“The aircraft landed normally after our highly-trained cabin crew dealt with the burnt food in an onboard oven,” the English daily reported quoting an unidentified airline spokesperson.