A hostel warden of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, on Sunday issued a notice asking female students to wear “fully covered decent western or Indian dresses” for a House Day event on April 20, ANI reported on Tuesday. The notice was issued by the warden of Himadri Hostel that houses female students. The House Day is an event in which students are allowed to bring guests into the hostels for a while.

The notice was shared on a Facebook page called Pinjra Tod: Break the Hostel Locks. The institution, however, denied issuing any such notice, NDTV reported. “I will speak with the concerned warden and ask her to withdraw such a notice,” Professor Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi, told the news channel. “This is entirely her personal opinion and she has put it up on her own as a warden. We have no intention of imposing any dress code.”