A video that has now gone viral shows a woman in a train in Ireland hurling abuses at an Asian passenger, telling her to go “back to India”. The footage is being investigated by the Irish police, reported The Irish Independent. The train was travelling from Limerick Colbert to Limerick Junction on Easter on Sunday.

The middle-aged woman was apparently angry after a bag was left on the seat by a group of people who were travelling together. After the bag was removed from the seat, the woman became aggressive and began shouting at them and said that they had “not paid for four seats”, an eyewitness told The Irish Independent.

One of the men is believed to have referred to her as “old lady”, after which the woman told him to go “back to India”. She continued to hurl expletives at them, asking them to respect “her country” and “get off the seats”. Other passengers tried to calm her down, but to no effect.

The nationality of the woman or the passengers who were attacked has not been disclosed, IANS reported.

The incident lasted for 18 minutes even as the group moved from their seats and went further down the train, the witness added. The Irish Rail condemned the incident calling it “shocking and disgraceful”. “Any form of abuse of customers is intolerable, particularly discriminatory abuse,” Irish Rail spokesperson said.