Tourists watching icebergs float by in Canada’s Ferryland is nothing new, but a giant iceberg which has parked itself off the coast of this fishing town in Newfoundland and Labrador, is drawing people by the hundreds, Quartz reported. Twitter is also abuzz with people putting up pictures of the iceberg “photobombing” the town.

The sparsely populated town is now struggling to deal with the sudden influx of tourists, reports have said.

This part of the coast is often referred to as “iceberg alley” because of the number of icebergs that break off from the Arctic and float downstream, CNN reported. The Canadian Ice Service classified the iceberg as “large”, which means it has a height of 151-240 feet and is between 401 and 670 feet long.

Rising Arctic temperatures and increased winds had pushed hundreds of icebergs from off the coast of Greenland into North Atlantic shipping lanes months ahead of schedule. Many of those have headed towards the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.