Animal welfare body People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking a ban on all animal-derived foods at government meetings and events. In its letter, Peta said the move was aimed at helping to curb greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change, PTI reported.

Written by Peta’s head of public policy, Nikunj Sharma, Peta said they were inspired by Germany’s Environment Ministry, which recently banned meat from all government events because meat production was a major contributor to climate change. “India should also set a good example where environmental conservation is concerned by eliminating animal-derived foods from the menus of all government or government-sponsored meetings and functions,” the letter read.

Peta also praised Modi for being vegetarian, calling him “a role model of compassionate, healthy and environmentally-friendly” eating. The animal rights body wants the rest of India to follow his lead.

Some 51% worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are from the meat production industry, the letter noted, further pointed out that the process requires a large amount of water, land and food resources. “The meat industry is heating up the planet and gobbling up our natural resources, but we can fight climate change by starting with what’s on our plates,” Sharma told PTI.