Pakistan has told India that a re-investigation into the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks was “not possible” as the trial was at an advanced stage, PTI reported on Thursday. The neighbouring country also sought “concrete” evidence against Jammat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed, wo is believed to be the mastermind of the attacks that are popularly referred to as 26/11.

“Pakistan said the case is already at an advanced stage,” the news agency quoted a senior interior ministry official as saying. “All proceedings have been finalised except recording of 24 Indian witnesses’ statements. At this stage, re-investigation is not possible. If India wants conclusion of the case, it should send its witnesses to Pakistan to record their statements,” the official added.

In March this year, India had asked Pakistan to re-investigate the case. It had also demanded that Saeed, who the Pakistan government put under house arrest in Lahore on January 30, be put on trial.

“India had only mentioned in its dossier that Ajmal Kasab (the lone gunman who was captured alive) had once met Hafiz Saeed. Thousands of people meet him (Saeed). That doesn’t prove anything. Pakistan is willing to try Saeed in the 26/11 case provided India gives us solid evidence against him in this regard,” the Pakistani official said. He added that Pakistan has also made it clear to India that the Mumbai attack case may not reach its logical conclusion without New Delhi’s cooperation. “India must send its 24 witnesses to Pakistan to testify in the case for its conclusion,” he said.

The trial in the Mumbai attack case has been pending for the past seven years. India has urged Pakistan to complete the trial at the earliest. It has said that enough evidence has been shared with Pakistan to prosecute the accused.