Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai received almost $200 million (approximately Rs 1,285 crore) as a compensation package in 2016. The company attributed it to the Indian-born executive’s “numerous successful product launches”, CNN reported.

A majority of the remuneration was in company stock, whose value is estimated to be around $198.7 million in securities documents. Pichai was granted the package a few months after he took over the position in 2015 from Google co-founder Larry Page, who received $1 as annual pay. Page has an estimated fortune of $41 billion. Pichai still reports to Page under the restructured management.

The 44-year-old Pichai also received a $6,50,000 salary in 2016 excluding the personal security services and air travel valued provided at an estimated $3,72,000, AP reported.

Google’s sales from its core advertising and YouTube business has been on the rise under Pichai’s leadership. The company has also invested in machine learning, hardware and cloud computing since he took over.