Calcutta High Court’s Justice CS Karnan refused to undergo a Supreme Court-ordered psychological test on Thursday after a medical team reached his residence accompanied by West Bengal police personnel. Karnan said he was mentally fit, and that his signature was required for any medical test, which he would not provide, News18 reported.

Karnan said, “The order passed by the seven judges does not have any merit. This is not a legal order. This is a mad order. My fight is against corruption and I will continue to fight against it.”

On May 1, a seven-judge Supreme Court panel headed by Chief Justice JS Khehar had ordered Karnan to undergo a medical examination. Karnan is facing contempt charges for degrading the judiciary and making allegations of corruption against Supreme Court judges. In reaction, Karnan had questioned why seven judges were taking “special interest” in him when he had complained against 20 judges.

On Tuesday, Karnan had issued non-bailable warrants against Khehar and six other SC judges. He passed the order against the judges for not being represented before him.

Justice Karnan, who has maintained that the judges have been discriminating against him because he is a Dalit, had asked the Air Control Authority in Delhi to not allow Chief Justice JS Khehar and the six other Supreme Court judges hearing his case to travel outside the country.

On April 13, he had summoned them to his “residential court”. Karnan had alleged that the seven judges had insulted him in open court when they had questioned his mental health during a hearing on March 31.

Earlier, he had accused the Supreme Court of being “anti-Dalit” for issuing a contempt notice against him. He had also claimed that the court’s order was “unethical” and a violation of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of) Atrocities Act.