Information Technology major Wipro has filed a police complaint about an anonymous email it received threatening to attack all its offices in Bengaluru if the firm did not pay Rs 500 crore, the company told ANI on Saturday. The email demanded that the ransom be paid through virtual currency of bitcoins by May 25 on a link sent with the mail, failing which the sender would spread toxic protein drug, Ricin, in its campus, reported Bangalore Mirror.

“Wipro has augmented security measures at all its office locations,” the firm said in a statement according to The New Indian Express. “There is no impact on the company’s operations. We have no further comments as the investigation is ongoing.” A case of cyber terrorism under Section 66F of the IT Act was registered with cyber police.

The sender of the email claimed to have 1 kg of high-quality Ricin, of which 2 grams would be sent in envelopes to one of Wipro’s offices soon to prove the seriouseness of the threat. The email, sent from one, told Wipro to deal with the “sample dose” carefully, Bangalore Mirror reported.

The sender further claimed that the toxin had been tested on 22 stray dogs in Kolkata. Along with the mail, the sender had attached a news item published in January 2017 about the mysterious deaths of stray dogs in the West Bengal Capital.

A few grams of high-quality Ricin powder, a natural toxic protein, is capable of killing an adult within a few hours. It is produced in the seeds of castor oil plant.