Hours after pop sensation Justin Bieber arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday, another top 40 star, Ed Sheeran, announced that he will perform in the city on November 19. Sheeran’s official website put out a post listing his dates for various cities during his tour of Asia in October and November. Mumbai is the only Indian city on his list.

Sheeran had originally tweeted that he would come to India on April 1. The tweet was later taken off his feed, leading some to speculate that he was merely thinking out loud.

Sheeran’s announcement comes at a time when the frenzy around Bieber’s performance in India, part of his “Purpose” tour, has been immense. The 23-year-old has been criticised for supposedly making exorbitant, Orientalist demands, and fans have lined up for hours at the airport before he even arrived. Others have argued that his music is all that matters, and shelled out exorbitant sums for tickets.