Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that senior lawyer Harish Salve had charged Re 1 for arguing Kulbhushan Yadav’s case at the International Court of Justice. She was responding to a tweet from someone on how India could have gotten a better and less expensive lawyer. “Not fair. #HarishSalve has charged us Rs. 1/- as his fee for this case,” she replied.

Salve had argued the case at The Hague for the former Indian Navy man on Monday, where he had said Pakistan could execute him even before the hearing was over. Salve also asked for an immediate recalling of the death sentence given to Jadhav on the allegations that he was a spy. Meanwhile, Pakistan had claimed Jadhav was carrying a passport in a different name, and that India had refused to explain it.

The ICJ said it would rule on the case “as soon as possible”.

Jadhav’s case has soured relations between the two countries even further, when it came up again last month.