A group of 14 men molested two women in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district and then decided to widely share video of the incident online, NDTV reported on Sunday. The men filmed the assault on their mobile phones and posted it on various social media outlets. There is no clarity as to when the video was shot, but the clips have been around for the past 15 days.

Police said they have filed a case of molestation against the men and arrested the main accused. They are currently on the lookout for more people involved in the incident, the report added.

While the men who committed the crime were identified, the police have not been able to identify the victims. “We are interrogating the main accused and based on what he says, the rest will also be apprehended,” said Vipin Tada, Superintendent of Police, Rampur. “We filed an FIR after the videos went viral on social media.”

Adityanath’s government has been severely criticised for a jump in criminal activities in the state. The Opposition has been quick to attack the chief minister for the deteriorating law and order situation. After coming to power in Uttar Pradesh , the said government had deployed “Anti-Romeo” squads in March to ensure the safety of women in public areas, which many criticsed as being a tool for old-fashioned moral policing.