Two people were shot dead and two police officers were injured after a hostage situation in the Melbourne suburb region of Brighton, reported The Australian. Australian news website SBS reported that the police had shot and killed the gunman, who had taken a woman hostage.

The gunman had also allegedly shot and killed another man in the foyer of the complex at about 4 pm (Australian time). Police said that when the authorities arrived at the spot they found a man’s body in the foyer of the building. Police is believed to have shot dead the attacker shortly before 6 pm and rescued the woman.

Even though The Age reported that the gunman involved in the siege reportedly called the Channel Seven newsroom during the standoff and told them “This is for IS [Islamic State]”, the police said they were still investigating if the incident was terror-related.

Earlier, there were reports of more than 20 gunshots in the area, reported Herald Sun. The police asked everyone in the area to head to a supermarket for safety.