Mumbai Metro One Private Limited on Tuesday revised the prices of return journey tokens and slashed discounts on trip passes after two-and-a-half years, reported Hindustan Times. While the commuters claimed that they were not informed about the revision in advance, the management said the new fare chart had been made available on their website.

According to the new fare chart, tokens for return journey that used to cost between Rs 30 and Rs 60 will now cost between Rs 35 and Rs 70. The discount on the 45-journey passes (valid for 30 days), has been reduced, making passes that were earlier between Rs 675 and Rs 900 now either Rs 750, Rs 1,050 or Rs 1,350, depending on the distance.

“If you travelled on a trip pass from the first to the last station on any train, the discount was 50%,” MMOPL said on Twitter. “This has been reduced by introducing a new distance slab.” A spokesperson said that there was no increase in fare, only that the discounts had been rationalised in line with other Metros.