At least two people died after gunmen attacked a popular a tourist resort in Mali, east of its Capital Bamako. Security Minister Salif Traore told AFP that the incident at luxury resort Le Campement Kangaba was a “jihadist attack” and that security forces had shot dead four assailants. The gunmen had briefly taken more than 30 hostages.

“Malian special forces intervened and hostages have been released,” Traore said, adding that the bodies of two attackers had been recovered. “Unfortunately for the moment, there are two dead, including a Franco-Gabonese.”

The Security Ministry said at least 14 people, both Malians and foreigners, were injured. According to Traore, they earlier believed armed bandits, who had arrived at the location on motorbikes, were behind the incident, but later concluded that it was a “terrorist attack”, Reuters reported. “We know how armed bandits operate. They don’t hold territory,” he explained.

Counter operations were carried out by Malian security forces, peacekeeping mission vehicles of the United Nations and French troops.

Earlier this month, the US Embassy in Bamako had warned of “possible future attacks” on places frequented by Westerners and diplomatic missions, according to the BBC.