Chief Executive Officer of Infosys Vishal Sikka on Thursday said Indian IT companies were not facing challenges in the United States. In an interview to PTI, he defended the Donald Trump administration, saying it offered “tremendous business opportunities and was an entrepreneurial government”.

“As long as we can continue to focus on innovation, on value delivery in the new areas, I think things will be okay,” the Infosys CEO said. “If you look at some of the regulated industries such as banking or pharma, the emphasis has clearly shifted from valuably compliant towards innovative areas...”

Sikka believes that the Trump Administration is taking measures to improve the ease of doing business in the US. “We have to be aware of the changes that are happening around us. We have to sense and understand and respond to those by building software, services, and capabilities for the future,” he added.

The Infosys chief emphasised on the need for the company’s senior management to understand that what lead to the success of Indian firms in the US would no longer work to drive them forward, and that processes required changed for the future.

On May 1, the tech major had announced its plans to expand local hiring in the US by employing 10,000 American workers over the next two years. The news came soon after President Trump had signed an executive order – dubbed the “Buy American, Hire American” order – in April to introduce changes to the H-1B visa policy used by companies to hire foreigners for high-skilled jobs.