Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended his three nation tour in the Netherlands on Tuesday following discussions with his counterpart Mark Rutte on ways to improve bilateral ties. In a joint statement, the two leaders stressed the need to prioritise non-proliferation efforts as well as a united global campaign against terror.

“The fight against terrorism should not only seek to disrupt and bring to justice terrorists, terror organisations and networks, but should also identify, hold accountable and take strong measures against all those who encourage, support and finance terrorism and provide sanctuary to terrorists,” ANI quoted the joint communique.

The Netherlands also expressed its support for India’s campaign seeking membership on the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group and a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, PTI reported. They said the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Wassenaar Arrangement and Australia Group would gain from India’s inclusion.

The two leaders called for an early resumption of discussions that would result in the broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement between India and the European Union.

“Strong ties between our nations are beneficial for the world,” Modi posted on Twitter following his visit. He had announced his arrival in the country “which is home to Europe’s second-largest diaspora.

During his address to a gathering of Indian diaspora in the country, the prime minister urged them to apply for Overseas Citizenship of India cards. At the diaspora event in The Hague, he said his government will soon decide on providing five-year business and tourist visa to Dutch passport holders.

Modi also praised his Bharatiya Janata Party-led administration’s work to ensure “progress and development across the country”.

The prime minister met King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima during his day-long visit to the country.