India should learn from history and stop “clamouring” for war, China’s Defence Spokesperson Colonel Wu Qian said on Thursday, in reference to the 1962 Sino-Indian war that had ended with a Chinese victory. Wu also asked New Delhi to withdraw troops from what he claimed was Chinese territory in the Sikkim sector, PTI reported.

The comments come a day after Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat said Indian forces were prepared for internal security threats as well as to take on China and Pakistan. “Such rhetoric is extremely irresponsible,” Wu said. “We hope that the particular person in the Indian Army could learn from historical lessons and stop such clamouring for war.”

In a separate press briefing on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang showed a photograph of the alleged Indian incursion into the Donglong region. Urging India to withdraw its troops, Lu said, “This is the precondition for the settlement of this incident and also the basis for us to conduct any meaningful dialogue.”

Earlier this week, China had accused the Indian Army of stopping the construction of the road in what it claims is China’s “sovereign territory” in the Sikkim sector. The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday had lodged a diplomatic complaint with both New Delhi and Beijing. China had also used the “transgression” of the Indian forces into its claimed territory as a reason for suspending the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra on Monday.

Bhutan has also alleged that the Chinese are operating in its land. Wu, however, denied the allegations. “The personnel have been operating on Chinese territory. We have made it very clear to the Indian side that they should correct their wrongdoing and withdraw their personnel from the Chinese territory,” he added.

The Donglong region is located at the narrow tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan near the Nathu La pass in Sikkim. “According to the treaty, ‘zhe’ is the ancient name of Sikkim,” Lu had said on Wednesday.