Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed leaders at the G20 Summit in Germany’s Hamburg and presented a 11-point agenda to counter terrorism, ANI reported. As the main speaker at the Leaders Retreat, Modi urged the members to improve inter-governmental cooperation among themselves. Among the suggestions offered by the prime minister were deterrent action against nations supporting militancy and banning the entry of leaders of such countries to the G-20 nations.

“Terrorism has many names but shares the same ideology of hatred and manslaughter,” Modi said. He also recommended an exchange of suspected militants’ list among the G-20 nations and joint action against them. He also urged the members to simplify and expedite extradition and other legal processes.

The prime minister suggested the adoption of a comprehensive convention on international terrorism, implementation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and a clamping down of terrorist financing sources through Financial Action Task Force.

Modi asked the members to collaborate on the creation of an Explosive Action Task Force to stop the supply of arms and ammunition to militant groups. He stressed on cyber-security cooperation as well as a platform for G20 National Security Advisors to negotiate counter-terrorism measures.

The summit was held amid violent protests in the German city. At least 76 police officers were hurt during clashes with anti-capitalist protestors. German authorities said a demonstration dubbed “Welcome to Hell”, comprising nearly 12,000 protestors, began peacefully but turned violent soon after.