A new study has listed India among the world’s laziest countries.

Researchers from Stanford University tracked the smartphones of 7.17 lakh people in 111 countries, in what is being called the largest ever study on human movement. Scientists tracked smartphones to gain 68 million days’ worth of data.

The results, published in the journal Nature, revealed that Indonesia was the laziest country in the world, with its citizens walking an average 3,513 steps a day. India saw an average of 4,500 steps a day, while the worldwide average stood at 4,961.

Hong Kong was found to be the most active country in the world with 6,880 steps, followed by China, Ukraine, Japan and Russia.

A built-in accelerometer in most smartphones can record the number of steps users take in a day. Researchers used anonymous data from more than seven lakh people who used the Argus activity monitoring app, according to BBC.