Six weeks after exiting the Paris climate deal, United States President Donald Trump on Thursday hinted at changing his mind about his decision. The US pulled out of the deal on June 1.

After talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump said, “Something could happen with respect to the Paris accords, lets see what happens, but we will talk about that over the coming period of time and if it happens that will be wonderful and if it doesn’t that’ll be OK too.”

Macron added that he respected the US’ decision to exit the deal but that France would remain committed to it, BBC reported. “We have disagreements; Mr Trump had election pledges that he took to his supporters and I had pledges – should this hinder progress on all issues? No,” Macron said.

Trump’s move is a huge setback to a major international effort, spearheaded by the previous US administration under Barack Obama, to counter effects of climate change. The US is the second largest producer of greenhouse gases, after China.